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The project below was in collaboration with previous coworkers at the Neenan Company.  The creative design process starts with a dream.  What are you inspired by?  What is the problem?  What hopes do you have for your project?  This dreaming process allows the best ideas to come forward with no boundaries. From there I continue to listen, refine, research and determine solutions that best meet the needs of my clients. 

Below is a small snip of my design process

The dreaming begins the exciting process of design.  I begin with a collaborative conversation.  What is the problem?  What isn't working?  What is working?  Here I discuss quick ideas and I put together concepts, images and sketches of potential ideas.  

The next step is refining ideas.  Imagery is the best way to make sure we are all on the same page.  Here we determine key areas of focus and set a direction for layout, finishes, lighting and details.

After we have reviewed images and conceptual ideas, we have established a design direction.  Colors, textures and some finishes start to take shape.  We will also start refining the budget.  Where should the focus be?  Where can we get creative with the money?  Don't worry, I have had many years of experience with tight budgets.  Its amazing how it pushes the creative brain!

Once finishes are approved, final ideas are represented with finish boards, drawings and renderings, if requested.  The goal is to make sure the design is finalized and ready to be put into construction documents.  I consider this the last milestone of design.

Sounds fun, right?  It is!