I have been putting my creative stamp on the built environment for well over 30 years.  From colorful chalk drawings in the driveway and wacky sculptures in the sandbox, to elaborate costumed performances and over-the-top school dioramas.  I have even walked the runway in an elegant gown fashioned from the components of carpet!  My passion for materials and design led me to pursue degrees in interior design and construction management, followed by a nearly 15-year career at an integrated design-build firm in Fort Collins.  I crafted beautiful spaces in schools, performance halls, medical centers and community environments across Colorado, Nevada, Texas and Wyoming.  My award-winning work has been featured in numerous regional design and construction publications, including a 2017 BEST IIDA award.

I founded LOV design in 2017 after welcoming my second baby girl.  The life, love and laughter my girls bring me inspired me to create my own path.  I am excited about continuing to pursue creative solutions and to share my passion and joy for design with each and every client.